Thursday, 28 March 2013

A sister's letter to a brother who died ten years ago.

Louisa's letter to Jeremiah. In remembrance. 

Louisa, Jerry's elder sister has written a letter to her brother.  I want to share it with you.

Her letter points out that people may know about the horror of her brother's death and the failure to investigate but unless they knew Jeremiah personally, they would not know what  a special,  person Jeremiah was to all of us.

Her letter wants us to remember Jeremiah as  blessed with many loving friends, who had an open and honest mind - someone who made you laugh.  Her letter makes sure we never forget what he meant to all of us.

As Louisa reviews all that has happened in the ten years since his death, this letter tells Jerry about his family and his friends and how we still hold him close to us.

I also want to share Louisa's letter with those  people who were involved in the organisation that resulted in her brother's destruction, and ask them to have the courage to read this letter, because it may inspire them to regain their humanity and let Louisa, her sister and his friends know what really happened.


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