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On Monday 23 November 2009 the lawyers Leigh Day and Co. presented the strongest case yet with our compelling new evidence to the Attorney General asking for agreement for Erica Duggan’s request to apply for a fresh Inquest into the sudden death of her son Jeremiah in 2003 in Germany. One year ago Erica Duggan won her judicial review against the Attorney General’s decision to block her from gaining her right to have the investigation.

Erica Duggan said: “A year ago we won a landmark case against the Attorney General when the Judge in the High Court showed great concern over the “unusual features” of this case. This particularly referred to the meeting I had with Dr Shove who carried out the British post mortem. He told me that he made no record on the post mortem form that Jeremiah had been killed by being hit or run over by cars. He stated there had been no tyre marks or glass and indications of a death in this way.

In Germany they did not even listen to the doctor who wanted a post mortem and no doctor examined the injuries to establish if they were caused by being hit by a car. We have no legal witness statements. The clothes and shoes are destroyed. We know the last people with Jeremiah had his blood stained passport. We know they were part of an anti-Semitic anti-British Cult so for all these reasons it is the duty I feel of the British authorities to ensure that important questions are answered by the German authorities. All these years of struggle for an investigation raise the question “Do the Hessen authorities care about human life if they show no willingness to investigate the sudden and violent death of my son, who was a visitor to their country?”

Hugo Duggan stated: “ The British public show by their support how they want us to continue our fight for Justice. My son’s friends and other supporters held a wonderful Quiz night on Sunday Night at the Progressive Synagogue in North London and raised thousands of pounds to help us pay our German lawyers and now we can ask them to continue to use every legal means possible to get the investigation that is our human right.”

Rosie Dove a friend of Jeremiah, spoke at the event and said: “ We have not forgotten our friend Jerry and we do this for him just as he would have done it for us if we had died and no one cared to investigate what happened.”

Stephen Druce, Chairman of the JFJ Supporters Committee added: “ We will not stop knocking on doors because we know there is a danger out there and no one is safe until Jeremiah’s death is fully investigated.”

It is now nearly 6 years that the legal process was started in Germany. After all this time we go on waiting for the Constitutional Court to give their verdict as to whether or not Hessen failed in their duty to fully investigate according to the penal code of Germany. For transcript of Court Cases see

Saturday, 31 October 2009



Jeremiah died when he was 22 years old. This month on the 10th November Jeremiah should have been celebrating his 29th Birthday. His loyal friends and family will not forget him. We will together raise funds for our campaign for Justice.
If you want to know more contact:
We need to pay for the human rights lawyers in Germany so that they may take further steps in the Constitutional Court . We need the Lawyers to ensure that the police investigate fully.
For nearly 7 years we wait for a proper investigation.


We are in possession of new information. We know from this that unless Jeremiah’s death is investigated the dangers will continue and other lives may be lost.
WE MAKE A SPECIAL APPEAL FOR YOUR HELP. We need to raise funds to pursue all legal avenues to uncover why Jeremiah died. WE NEED TO KNOW how far it is true that the LaRouche Network WITH ITS NUMEROUS FRONT GROUPS AND ITS PERNICIOUS PUBLICATION THREATENS THE WELL BEING OF OUR YOUTH.
Why did the Manageress of the LaRouche Schiller Institute have Jeremiah’s blood stained passport? Why did the Helga Zepp LaRouche denounce Jeremiah as the enemy so soon after his death? Why are there so many unanswered questions? We know so much and we wait so long for answers.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


From the moment that Jeremiah died we have wanted one thing: A proper investigation. Not lies. Not defamation.

When the husband of Ken Kronberg died in tragic circumstances revealing how a human being had been pushed to the limits of what he could endure the LaRouche Press inflicted the most inhumane attack upon his wife Molly Kronberg. This was done just as the LaRouche Press have for many years told lies about me being a pawn of Tony Blair or Baroness Symons. For too long the LaRouche Press has got away with falsification, intimidation and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Who will stand up to bullies, cheats and liars? What country possesses the judicial means to protect the individual against the continuing harm of the LaRouche network?
So far it has not been Germany. It has not been France. It has not been Britain.
Will it be in the USA? Let us hope that at last Justice will be seen to be done and when Molly Kronberg takes Lyndon LaRouche to Court in the USA we will see again how Lyndon LaRouche and his associates are guilty of the crimes that put him in jail in the first place: They were convicted upon the evidence of their crimes. They were crimes of– Theft, theft, theft and NOT political crimes.
I commend Molly for standing up to the bully. We ask that all the families and the ex members who have a conscience will join her and come forth to speak the truth about what they know. Break the silence like Molly and do what has to be done to protect all our loved ones from harm. For a report on how Molly Kronberg is bringing a legal complaint against Lyndon LaRouche:
And for more about how LaRouche stole millions:
Read the LaRouche Press responses and see the conspiracy theories for yourself:
Consider what ex members display in their website:
The LaRouche Planet website gives the statements made in the Court that show that LaRouche and his associates were found guilty of crimes of theft and NOT political crimes. LaRouche blamed Molly Kronberg for giving false testimony which shows that he has no remorse for the heart-ache he caused to the many people whose lives were ruined by his greed and dishonesty. How was it that he was released after five years of a fifteen jail sentence when he showed no remorse for his crimes? Does this mean he and his followers can continue with what he considers is not a crime i.e. taking large sums of people and deceiving them still? Telling lies and spreading conspiracy theories under a mask of saving the world?

Monday, 20 July 2009


Two political investigative journalists from the USA, Chip Berlet senior analyst at Political Research Associates and Dennis King, author of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism, for many years at the forefront of the research into the coded anti-Semitism of Lyndon LaRouche presented papers at an International Seminar held on Friday the 26th June at Northampton University entitled “Speaking with Forked Tongues”.
This seminar was a unique event where academics presented papers on the rhetoric on right-wing extremists. This led to discussions about how fascist groups use euphemism, codes and falsifications to hide a message of Bigotry and Prejudice.
The anti-Semitic conspiracies of Lyndon LaRouche were seen as a focus for study alongside the fascism of La Penne and the BNP with similarities and comparisons being made. The afternoon session saw families and ex members of the LaRouche network relating how their experiences showed how language that reflected falsification and anti-Semitic conspiracies posed a threat to their sons and daughters. Erica Duggan whose son Jeremiah died in 2003 spoke about what she saw as the language of Deception, the Language of Hate and the Language of Destruction. She related this to the evidence she collected from lecture notes and briefings found in her son Jeremiah’s bags.
LATEST UPDATE: United Kingdom. The lawyers Leigh Day and Co have submitted more evidence to the Attorney General for her to agree to the decision to proceed to the High Court to have a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Jeremiah. Suspicions are growing that there are people complicit in covering up serious facts about the context of how Jeremiah died. In order to allay these fears and to establish the full circumstances surrounding Jeremiah’s death the call has gone out in the UK that there needs to be a fresh Inquest in order to prevent other young people from being harmed in similar ways to the harm that befell Jeremiah. Previously the Attorney General did not consider the witness statements that had been submitted and we are hopeful that now Justice will be seen to be done in a British Court. The British police have the right to ask questions of the German police who it is hoped would share in the process of pursuing the interest of Justice. These could be: Why did the Manageress of the Schiller Institute have Jeremiah’s blood stained passport? Where was Jeremiah when he made the last phone call of his life when he sounded in terror for his life and begged to be rescued? Why has it taken so long to get answers to so many fundamental questions?
Regrettably the Constitutional Court in Germany after many years delay, have not yet come up with their ruling on whether or not there should be a full investigation into Jeremiah’s death. They are due to make a decision on whether or not this is a case whereby the Hessen authorities failed to abide by the European Convention of Human Rights and uphold article 2 which makes compulsory a full investigation into a sudden and violent death.
On the 29th June 2009 there was a delegation to the German Embassy to meet with the Deputy German Ambassador and present him with the petition calling for an investigation of Jeremiah’s death. A dossier was presented containing information on the LaRouche/ Bueso Movement. This dossier contained the conclusions and the demands agreed at meetings held in Germany and supported by German and British Members of Parliament. The request was made that this information and the demands be presented to Chancellor Merkel. It is important that criminal activities are fully investigated and that dangerous forms of organized anti-Semitism receive full investigation. The delegation included Jon Benjamin Executive Director The Board of Deputies of British Jews, Rabbi Danny Rich Executive Director Liberal Judaism, Chip Berlet and Dennis King, Political experts, and other concerned persons.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

REPORT ON MEETING: 27th March 2009.
“ Breaking the Silence.”
On the sixth anniversary of Jeremiah Duggans death a group of us travelled to Wiesbaden to bring the people of that town a powerful message. We wished to remind the German people that the British Inquest disproved the German police view that this was suicide and also that the British Judge also declared that Jeremiah died in a state of terror. To this day we have had no full investigation to uncover what really happened and what caused that terror. We planned to honour Jeremiah and hold up banners reading “WHY DID JEREMIAH DIE HERE?”
The Memorial Walk:
We gathered outside the flat of Rainer Apel, the Head of the LaRouche Intelligence (EIR publication) as it was alleged that Jeremiah stayed with him on the last night of his life. We walked along the same route to the spot on the highway where five and a half kilometers out of the town of Wiesbaden Jeremiah’s body was found. Many contrary facts raise questions about whether or not Jeremiah was hit and run over and the Duggan parents make no accusations about what did happen as there has not been a full investigation. Our memorial walk was a very moving experience because we thought of all that Jeremiah was enduring in his last moments. It took us one and a half hours and according to the last phone call received from Jeremiah on the last night of his life if Jeremiah had been in the Apel flat he would have had to cover that distance in under 40 minutes. After completing the walk we all agreed that there were many unanswered questions surrounding how he could have done such a run and also whether or not this proved he was subjected to both a physical and mental assault .
In our group there was one friend to represent all the other friends from Jeremiah’s schooldays, his time at the British Institute in Paris and from those that belonged to the Jewish Youth Group. As we stood together arm in arm at the side of the road we felt a nearness to the Jeremiah that we loved and we prayed that the goodness of his soul would be honoured and his memory not defamed or scorned by those that did not know him, care about him nor value human life.
The LaRouche Press offices of the EIR are very near the spot where Jeremiah’s body was found:
Hugo Duggan and a few other people decided to continue to the LaRouche offices of the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) which is only a short 10 minutes walk away. Hugo Duggan had a strong desire to speak to the people in these offices who had never spoken to him and particularly to Rainer Apel who has never given a clear statement as to whether or not Jeremiah was in his flat that night or not. The LaRouche staff in the offices pulled down the blinds and reported that Rainer Apel had left and no longer worked for them. This is surprising as Rainer Apel is now Bueso candidate for the forthcoming elections.
The people of Wiesbaden need to ask Mr Apel : Why did Jeremiah die here?
Distributing leaflets. Speaking to the people of Wiesbaden.
After the walk we went to the centre of Wiesbaden to speak to the people in the street and to distribute our posters inviting people to attend our meeting to be held in the Plaza Hotel. Members of the public were shocked to hear from Jeremiah’s mother and father and his friends about what had happened in their home town. We found it very remarkable that some of the good Wiesbaden citizens showed their concern by at very short notice coming to the meeting These people said they wanted to know more about how this organization which is headed by Lyndon LaRouche, a USA convicted criminal sent to prison because he directed, oversaw and profited from a criminal enterprise could be allowed to come to Germany to continue working here with young people. At the meeting questions were raised about the way the LaRouche printing press of Dinges and Frick is used by the BKA and their name appears on the BKA ( special police force’s website.)
Many people did not know that Lyndon LaRouche works together with his German wife Helga Zepp and drafts to the area of Hessen young people from all over the world to train as militants . The people with whom the supporters spoke were shocked to learn that in Germany and in other countries in the world the LaRouche youth movement stands outside Universities to persuade young people to abandon their studies and their families and work full time for them.
The Meeting in the Crowne Plaza Hotel Conference room
Supporters of the Justice for Jeremiah Campaign.
It was with the greatest regret that Ursula Caberta was unable at the very last minute to attend the meeting as she was stricken with flu. A letter of support from Simon Hughes MP for the British Parliament was read at the meeting and messages of support were sent from Professor Wieskirchen (SPD) and Herr Stroebele ( Greens) who deeply regretted they were unable to attend. The Deputy Consul of France came from Frankfurt to give support to the number of French families represented at the meeting and to learn more about the problems faced.
No help for Families:
It is not known if there is any state advisors for sects in Hessen. Our enquiries suggest that there is little support for families destroyed by the activities of political youth cults in Hessen as the church sect advisors only deal with religious sects. The meeting concluded with an appeal to the good people of Hessen to do more to expose the dangers of a totalitarian youth sect. The family and ex members panel called upon the German authorities to support the campaign for Justice for Jeremiah and in that way ensure that there is public scrutiny of the death of a young student who came as an innocent visitor to the town when the reality was he was being targeted for recruitment by a destructive sect disseminating throughout the world anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.
At the meeting the silence was broken when families and ex members revealed the truth about the dangers of the LaRouche network. Families from France and Germany described the trauma for a family when their sons and daughters are damaged and lost to them by the methods of this LaRouche sect. They described it as “a loss like a living death of one’s loved one.” All families described how they were intimidated into silence through the fear that if they spoke out they would lose the little contact they had with their children. This process at work involved subjugation, deception and an undermining of our education system and the democratic process and this provided proof enough of what makes the LaRouche/Bueso group a destructive cult. However it was said by speakers that more and more families round the world are realising that they will not help their sons or daughters by being bullied into silence and if they have objections to this LaRouche group they should explain to their sons and daughters that they rquire the citizens right to be able to openly express their views.

The Organization in the USA and in Germany is the same organization:
According to a statement sent by an ex USA member Molly Kronberg, the LaRouche organization in the USA and Germany is one and the same organization, run as one by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche. Ex member Aglaya Beyes Corleis, a resident of Wiesbaden and author of a book on the Cult explained how for the last 30 years Wiesbaden is the centre for Europe. Dr Matthew Feldman, Senior History lecturer Northampton College revealed how the dissemination of anti-Semitic propaganda is even more dangerous when it takes on the coded form evident in the propaganda of the LaRouche organization.
Ex member, Yves Messer, explained that six years ago there was far less information about the LaRouche network available on the internet and stated that he had decided to break the silence about his experiences because without full disclosure the dangers to individuals will continue. Erica Duggan appealed to ex members and families saying that every single person can find their own way of “breaking the silence” and that if that had been done before perhaps Jeremiah would be alive today. The Meeting ended with an appeal for a full enquiry into Jeremiah Duggans death and its relation to the youth movement of Helga Zepp LaRouche.

Pariticapants agreed that Justice for Jeremiah is Justice for all.”

Friday, 20 March 2009



Friday March 27, 2009, 11 am to 1 pm
CROWNE PLAZA; Conference room: BACH
Bahnhofstr. 1065185 Wiesbaden, Germany

Moderator: Ursula Caberta, (AGS) an agency of the Interior Ministry of the City of Hamburg, Germany established to help those affected by cults and provide information:
A panel of speakers will publicly examine whether the LaRouche network is a danger to its members, to the young people it seeks to recruit and to the democratic institutions it seeks to undermine through doctrines of Hate. Affected families from Germany, UK and France will tell of how their sons and daughters are persuaded to abandon their studies, their families and their former lives and devote their lives to furthering the goals of the Bueso and this means full time to raising funds . Ex members will speak out about the psycho terror.
Facts will be examined to show how for the last 30 years Wiesbaden is the centre for Europe and how from all over the world people are brought to Germany to be trained to be militants for Helga Zepp and Lyndon LaRouche. Dr Matthew Feldman (Northampton University) will present research findings to show how from Hessen their codes and convoluted conspiracy theories fermenting a reformulated anti-Semitism and anglophobia destructive to family life and to Society is spread worldwide.


Six years ago on the 27th March 2003 JEREMIAH DUGGAN, a jewish, british student died a violent death in Wiesbaden after attending a conference and youth training school organized by the LaRouche Schiller Institute. It was alleged Jeremiah was run over by cars.The case was closed quickly by the police who declared the drivers told them it was suicide. The British Court discounted suicide and stated Jeremiah died in a state of terror. Shortly before his death Jeremiah rung home saying he was frightened for his life and begging to be rescued from danger. For six years the family have battled through the courts to get their human right to an investigation of the full circumstances re-opened. The verdict is still awaited in the Karlsruhe Constitutional Court.

PUBLIC MEETING: 11- 1 pm Crowne Plaza Hotel
Days events: 2-3 pm Jeremiah’s family and friends will do a Memorial walk to the place where Jeremiah’s body was found. This spot is close to the EIR offices ( Bueso/LaRouche Press Agency) New evidence raises many questions about the circumstances surrounding this death however the LaRouche/Network deny any involvement in Jeremiah’s death. They were in possession of his blood stained passport.
Town Protest: 9-10.30 am An appeal to the good people of Wiesbaden to consider the findings of the Berlin Conference 2008 that concluded that the international LaRouche/Bueso youth movement is a threat to the individual and a danger to Society. In 1994, the Büso party was described in the Bundestag as a political sect.
Phone or write to ensure your place and translation headset. Please disregard any information to tell you these events are postponed or times changed as in the past we experienced attempts to misinform. Consult our website for latest information: or Write to or Ring/Reserve places from 26/03/09 on (0) 1623558244 Organized by Erica Duggan.Lawyers:Frances Swaine, Leigh Day & Co, St.John’s Lane,London EC1M4LB, Serdar Kaya, Christian Noll, Meinekestrasse 7,10719,Berlin,Hans Eberhard Schultz &Claus Forster Greifswalder Str 4, 10405 Berlin; This page in PDF format here

Sunday, 15 March 2009


The Attorney General has found a way to delay matters further. She has it in her power to allow us to go straight to the High Court to apply for a fresh Inquest but she prefers to find ways of delaying the decision of whether or not we can go forward to apply for a new Inquest. She tells us to resubmit our case and she will reconsider her decision. We have found out that the Attorney General merely repeated the arguments she recieved from the British Coroner who failed to carry out sufficient enquiries at the first Inquest. This is the man who accepted the failure to investigate fully by the German authorities even though he knew there was no evidence to suggest that this was suicide and he knew there had not been an investigation to satisfy the requirements of the European Court of Human Rights.

The Attorney General knows that nearly 6 years have passed and there has been insufficient investigations into a death of a British citizen abroad. The pathologist who carried out the post mortem told me in person that my son was not hit or run over by cars from reading the post mortem report that he had written.

At the British Inquest in 2003 Dr Dolman stated he discounted suicide and he stated that Jeremiah died in a state of terrror and yet in a very secretive way he wrote to the Foreign Office afterwards stating there were no issues that the British authorities need take up with the German authorities. This is the man who the Attorney General turns to when making her decisions! Will she listen again to Dr Dolman and refuse us our right to a fresh Inquest? We will probably have to wait many months to find out as she has not promised to give anytime scale on when she will make up her mind!
The Attorney General also knew that it was the coroner Dr Dolman who discounted suicide only to undermine our case behind our backs. In this way the British State through the FCO and the Coroner have obstructed the chance of Justice in Germany.

Shame on you Britain. How we are all betrayed!
Over 100 MPs signed an early day motion appealing for Justice for Jeremiah and many hundreds signed a petition calling for an intervention. Researches were conducted and submitted personally to Prime Minister Gordon Brown giving examples of the dangers of the LaRouche network that incites hatred against the British and the Jews and exposes how there were insufficient investigations of Jeremiah's death.
What an example of abuse of human rights my country shows the rest of the world. Nevermind we will not accept your cowardice and on the 27th March you leave us no choice but for us to take it upon ourselves to go Germany. There we will go to the streets and will hold public meetings to fight for Justice ourselves. We will hear the evidence from families from all over the world as to the dangers to the individual and Society of this political cult. My own country has failed to protect our rights or to value the right to life of my son. Let us see if the good people of Germany are brave enough not to be intimidated.
In Germany we will publicly appeal to the good people of Germany to support our rights to investigate the full circumstances of the death of Jeremiah. The people in Wiesbaden say they know nothing about the LaRouche /Bueso organization. The authorities turn a blind eye to the activities of the LaRouche/Bueso group even though the group is headed by a convicted criminal. The Wiesbaden Prosecutor prefers to sweep under the carpet the documentation showing how the LaRouche/ Bueso network spreads coded anti-semitism and a clear message of incitement of hate against the British from Wiesbaden to the rest of the world.

I appeal to ex members and families who have suffered because of the threats to the individual to have the courage to speak out about what they know. I appeal to the media, the press and the Policiticians not to be put off by the LaRouche/ Bueso methods of writing letters to intimidate you into silence. "For evil to flourish it only requires good men do do nothing." Six years ago my son died and for six years both Germany and Britain are trying to hide the answers to the question: "Why did Jeremiah die?" One thing I do know and that is if all people had spoken out about the dangers of the LaRouche/ Bueso group perhaps my son would not be dead today.


Monday, 2 February 2009

The Attorney General has not kept any of her promises. She declared initially when we filed for a fresh Inquest she would need time to gather information from the German authorities and also from the past Coroner and that we would have access to all documents and allowed to state our comments. Then after many months of waiting she refused our request for a new Inquest using her powers to declare she could not be challenged and refused to give reasons.
Then when we took her to Court and won our right to Judicial review her decision proving she had been unfair and she lost she was forced then to allow us access to the documents.
These documents reveal the truth: The Attorney General has not judged anything she merely adopted the view of the Coroner. There was not one single document from the German authorities to show how the German authorities refused to open investigations. By relying on the views of the Coroner she aligns herself with the very person who we accuse of failing to carry out sufficient enquiries and also we can prove failed in their duty to carry out a full and fearless investigation. There were secret letters sent to ensure that Britain did not look as if it was criticizing the German state. What kind of Justice system is that?
Why do the British and the German authorities not want to investigate? If there is nothing to hide then why be so frightened of the truth? Is it because as is written on Inspector Goodwin's report to the British Police there is an extremist group in the background with "brainwashing" in the background. I have never made any accusation against any group or person for causing the death of my son and that is why I want an investigation which is the human right of my dead son. The more the authorities hide and cover up the more questions have to be asked about why has a highly antisemitic group been allowed to continue for so long in Germany? Is there or is there not Justice ? Is there or is there not Antisemitism in Germany today? Look on the streets and look what protection is given to groups that subjugate, lie and spread pernicious hate filled antisemitic conspiracies from Hessen with the Press of the EIR offices to the rest of the world. What is the Hessen police doing about that? Nothing so far but I have faith that they will in time realise that Justice has to be seen to be done. I have contact with many Good people in Germany who do stand up against Hatred and after six years of waiting want Justice for Jeremiah.