Friday, 9 November 2012

Your Birthday should have been today : 32 years old


Jeremiah Duggan. Born 10. 11. 1980 -  killed 27. 3. 2003. 

Cause of death. Circumstances of death: Unknown. 

Investigations? Hardly any.  Falsifications. Denials. Cover up. 

  Not a day goes bye that I do not think of you and wonder what sort of young man you would have been.  Many of your friends are married now and have children. Many  have interesting lives and I know still remember you with deep affection.

Dearest Jerry - today we should have had a party for you but no more -  You fell among thieves and were robbed of your life.

I have tried my best to find out what happened. I have learnt many dreadful things about a  destructive political cult, headed in Germany by Helga Zepp LaRouche that for the last thirty years and more causes more harm than anyone can imagine. People have died since you died. Families have suffered since you were killed.  It is a huge hurt  how the German State continues to fail us.

I can well imagine why you were so  shocked to discover how deeply you were deceived and why you said over and over "I do not trust Lyndon LaRouche"  He is not to be trusted. He is a convicted fraudster in every single way. His deceptions have deprived many of their lives and sewn the seeds of hatred.  What right did he have to destroy you Jerry?  What right do the authorities in Germany have to fail to cover up the circumstances of your death? What right have the LaRouche people have to print lies about me and about you?

Today your sisters, your father and all your friends are without you.
There are still many of us who continue to fight for Justice and at last some important  ex cult members are breaking their silence and telling us the truth. I try my best to encourage people to give witness statements to the British Coroner who tries so hard to gather information. Only a handful have the courage to do this.

But Jerry there  are many wonderful individuals that have worked without reward or public acknowledgement to try and expose the dangers of the Lyndon LaRouche cult. I thank them all for their good and noble deeds. They have not forgotten you Jerry. Many have done these brave acts at a huge emotional cost.

It is because of the failure of the Hessen authorities to grant us  the human right to a proper investigation that we continue to dedicate ourselves to get Justice for you Jeremiah because we loved you for what you were:  A funny and charming young person who wanted to have a full and useful life.

SHAME on the STATE OF GERMANY that allows a cover up of your sudden deaths and allows the causes to go unexamined.

We wish you were here today Jeremiah. I would love to see your smile, to hear your voice and to wish you Happy Birthday, but most of all to say to you  Jerry none of us forget you. We remember  how much you loved life and how much you loved people and that makes us try to find inspiration in all that you were and even though we cannot give you a present we strive to make our lives good and useful ones  as that is exactly what you would want.

 Rest in peace  dearest  beloved Jeremiah.