Monday, 2 February 2009

The Attorney General has not kept any of her promises. She declared initially when we filed for a fresh Inquest she would need time to gather information from the German authorities and also from the past Coroner and that we would have access to all documents and allowed to state our comments. Then after many months of waiting she refused our request for a new Inquest using her powers to declare she could not be challenged and refused to give reasons.
Then when we took her to Court and won our right to Judicial review her decision proving she had been unfair and she lost she was forced then to allow us access to the documents.
These documents reveal the truth: The Attorney General has not judged anything she merely adopted the view of the Coroner. There was not one single document from the German authorities to show how the German authorities refused to open investigations. By relying on the views of the Coroner she aligns herself with the very person who we accuse of failing to carry out sufficient enquiries and also we can prove failed in their duty to carry out a full and fearless investigation. There were secret letters sent to ensure that Britain did not look as if it was criticizing the German state. What kind of Justice system is that?
Why do the British and the German authorities not want to investigate? If there is nothing to hide then why be so frightened of the truth? Is it because as is written on Inspector Goodwin's report to the British Police there is an extremist group in the background with "brainwashing" in the background. I have never made any accusation against any group or person for causing the death of my son and that is why I want an investigation which is the human right of my dead son. The more the authorities hide and cover up the more questions have to be asked about why has a highly antisemitic group been allowed to continue for so long in Germany? Is there or is there not Justice ? Is there or is there not Antisemitism in Germany today? Look on the streets and look what protection is given to groups that subjugate, lie and spread pernicious hate filled antisemitic conspiracies from Hessen with the Press of the EIR offices to the rest of the world. What is the Hessen police doing about that? Nothing so far but I have faith that they will in time realise that Justice has to be seen to be done. I have contact with many Good people in Germany who do stand up against Hatred and after six years of waiting want Justice for Jeremiah.