Wednesday, 25 November 2009



On Monday 23 November 2009 the lawyers Leigh Day and Co. presented the strongest case yet with our compelling new evidence to the Attorney General asking for agreement for Erica Duggan’s request to apply for a fresh Inquest into the sudden death of her son Jeremiah in 2003 in Germany. One year ago Erica Duggan won her judicial review against the Attorney General’s decision to block her from gaining her right to have the investigation.

Erica Duggan said: “A year ago we won a landmark case against the Attorney General when the Judge in the High Court showed great concern over the “unusual features” of this case. This particularly referred to the meeting I had with Dr Shove who carried out the British post mortem. He told me that he made no record on the post mortem form that Jeremiah had been killed by being hit or run over by cars. He stated there had been no tyre marks or glass and indications of a death in this way.

In Germany they did not even listen to the doctor who wanted a post mortem and no doctor examined the injuries to establish if they were caused by being hit by a car. We have no legal witness statements. The clothes and shoes are destroyed. We know the last people with Jeremiah had his blood stained passport. We know they were part of an anti-Semitic anti-British Cult so for all these reasons it is the duty I feel of the British authorities to ensure that important questions are answered by the German authorities. All these years of struggle for an investigation raise the question “Do the Hessen authorities care about human life if they show no willingness to investigate the sudden and violent death of my son, who was a visitor to their country?”

Hugo Duggan stated: “ The British public show by their support how they want us to continue our fight for Justice. My son’s friends and other supporters held a wonderful Quiz night on Sunday Night at the Progressive Synagogue in North London and raised thousands of pounds to help us pay our German lawyers and now we can ask them to continue to use every legal means possible to get the investigation that is our human right.”

Rosie Dove a friend of Jeremiah, spoke at the event and said: “ We have not forgotten our friend Jerry and we do this for him just as he would have done it for us if we had died and no one cared to investigate what happened.”

Stephen Druce, Chairman of the JFJ Supporters Committee added: “ We will not stop knocking on doors because we know there is a danger out there and no one is safe until Jeremiah’s death is fully investigated.”

It is now nearly 6 years that the legal process was started in Germany. After all this time we go on waiting for the Constitutional Court to give their verdict as to whether or not Hessen failed in their duty to fully investigate according to the penal code of Germany. For transcript of Court Cases see