Wednesday, 2 September 2009


From the moment that Jeremiah died we have wanted one thing: A proper investigation. Not lies. Not defamation.

When the husband of Ken Kronberg died in tragic circumstances revealing how a human being had been pushed to the limits of what he could endure the LaRouche Press inflicted the most inhumane attack upon his wife Molly Kronberg. This was done just as the LaRouche Press have for many years told lies about me being a pawn of Tony Blair or Baroness Symons. For too long the LaRouche Press has got away with falsification, intimidation and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Who will stand up to bullies, cheats and liars? What country possesses the judicial means to protect the individual against the continuing harm of the LaRouche network?
So far it has not been Germany. It has not been France. It has not been Britain.
Will it be in the USA? Let us hope that at last Justice will be seen to be done and when Molly Kronberg takes Lyndon LaRouche to Court in the USA we will see again how Lyndon LaRouche and his associates are guilty of the crimes that put him in jail in the first place: They were convicted upon the evidence of their crimes. They were crimes of– Theft, theft, theft and NOT political crimes.
I commend Molly for standing up to the bully. We ask that all the families and the ex members who have a conscience will join her and come forth to speak the truth about what they know. Break the silence like Molly and do what has to be done to protect all our loved ones from harm. For a report on how Molly Kronberg is bringing a legal complaint against Lyndon LaRouche:
And for more about how LaRouche stole millions:
Read the LaRouche Press responses and see the conspiracy theories for yourself:
Consider what ex members display in their website:
The LaRouche Planet website gives the statements made in the Court that show that LaRouche and his associates were found guilty of crimes of theft and NOT political crimes. LaRouche blamed Molly Kronberg for giving false testimony which shows that he has no remorse for the heart-ache he caused to the many people whose lives were ruined by his greed and dishonesty. How was it that he was released after five years of a fifteen jail sentence when he showed no remorse for his crimes? Does this mean he and his followers can continue with what he considers is not a crime i.e. taking large sums of people and deceiving them still? Telling lies and spreading conspiracy theories under a mask of saving the world?