Sunday, 14 November 2010

Will there be Justice for Jeremiah?



HMS Coroner calls in British Police to take up the files and investigate.

On the 22 nd May 2010 the North London Coroner Mr Andrew Walker quashed the previous inquest and declared that a new Inquest into the death of Jeremiah Duggan should be opened. He declared that this clearly was a case where the British Criminal Police dealing with Murder and Manslaughter should receive the files and investigate.

This second Inquest follows a flawed first Inquest and is a result of our seven year battle to get an investigation into the sudden death of our only son, twenty two year old Jeremiah in March 2003.

In December 2009 The Attorney General of Britain wrote a personal letter to us apologising for the failures of the administration and stating that in the interest of Justice a fresh Inquest should be heard.

In Germany the case was closed early on the grounds that it was suicide and this justified not doing a full investigation. In the recent documentary the Wiesbaden Prosecutor Hartmut Ferse stated that the circumstances surrounding the death were of no concern to them even if he was chased or hunted down. It is not of concern to this Prosecutor whether or not Jeremiah was in a more vulnerable situation because of his being Jewish and British.
It has taken seven years of legal battles for the German State to return a view that the Wiesbaden police had no need to investigate as they considered there was no crime. Now the Prosecution offices make excuses its too long ago to investigate anyway. This is despite very strong allegations being made that Jeremiah was subjected to attack and that he was in the offices of the laRouche Executive Intelligence Review prior to his dead body being found along the road.

Article 2 protects Human Life and is the most fundamental right of the European Convention and carries with it the obligation for the State to investigate fully a sudden and unnatural death. It is thought that there has never been a case brought against Germany for an article 2 violation.
Article 2 the preservation of Human Life has special significance for Germany in view of what happened with the mass murders in the holocaust and the way millions of human lives were lost and the law did not protect them nor did it mean that any of those violent deaths were investigated at the time. The European Convention enshrined this right to protect life as the basis upon which all other rights are based .

Germany stands now accused of an article 2 violation and this alleged violation has gone off to the Court of Human Rights. In the background is a dangerous anti-Semitic Organization documented as having its European headquaters in Wiesbaden. It is from this base the EIR ( EXECUTIVE INTELLIGENCE REVIEW) associated with the convicted Fraudster Lyndon LaRouche and from its Printing Press Dinges and Frick that anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are spread worldwide.
Evidence can be supplied to show how State Departtments including the German Federal Police use the LaRouche Printing Press that is run by long established members of the LaRouche network. The German State Police established to protect their Constitution have never monitored the LaRouche Organization.

The LaRouche Organization deny involvement in the death of Jeremiah but continue to spread their anti-British conspiracy theories worldwide and weave Erica Duggan into their fantasies claiming she is a pawn used by their enemies as if she has no natural mother's desire to find out why a beloved son should die in such horrendous and unexplained circumstances. A witness statement exists to throw doubt on where Jeremiah was shortly before his death and suggest that he was in the offices of the EIR offices shortly before his body was found on the High Way. There is a cold heartlessness about the attitude of the authorities that use delay as an excuse to brush all unanswered questions under the carpet.

The latest news is that the Head of the Police in Wiesbaden /Frankfurt has been relieved of his duties as their are allegations of misconduct in public office. Allegations of connections with organised crime mean that until there is a full public enquiry we will not be certain of the facts involved.

For seven years Germany has shown a mysterious reluctance to investigate what they claim is a suicide by traffic crash and yet this delay is a means by which they can also deny Justice. Go to to see more about the hate crimes of the LaRouche Organisation and the struggles of families to rescue their children from harmful political cults that foster terror, fear and alienation from their families and Society and place them in grave danger. This new website appeals to families and ex members to show courage and expose the danger so we can rescue people from harm and prevent further suffering.