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Valuable information is being made public by a group of ex members in the States and also an ex member who left the German organization.

These bulletins reflect how Lyndon LaRouche is decaying further into scare-mongering that all should die and he is to die while  loosing all credibility amongst his followers by imagining he is a young Romeo, who can now bed down with a young cult member old enough to be his grand-daughter.  His lust, dishonesty and paranoia is now opening the eyes of members and a group of leaders have now decided to publish their grievances and abandon the Cult.  Go to

In Germany  the dangers of the Organization are now being described on a Forum for ex members:

09-18-2012, 09:11 PM
The crimes and madness of Helga Zepp-Larouche
I am a former Lym member from Europe. As a true believing republican I cannot tell you how saddened angry and disappointed at the sick and despicable behavior of Lyndon Larouche and his wife. The document written by youth members rings very true for what I myself experienced. Larouche paranoid schizophrenia has been allowed to ruin what could have been a great cause.
People should also be aware of the crimes that Helga Zepp-Larouche commits against members in the name of saving Africa and mankind from Armageddon:
  1. The psychotropic drugging of young female members.
  2. The bullying and blackmailing of members into psychiatric clinics.
  3. The emotional and psychological blackmail of female members.
  4. The constant and repeated demands for sexual love affairs from male members.
  5. The bullying personally by Helga against female members who wish to study the ideas of the movement and not be trapped into doomed sexual realtionships with people who are actually supposed to be work colleagues and political comrades.
  6. The recruitment of young women and Helga Zepp-Larouches cynical role in allowing impressionable Todd?!?")
  7. The repeated attempt to chip and attack what the cult leaders view as people psychological weak spots in order to force their sense of self to shatter, much as when defrosting a freezer and one chips away as certain weak spots, with some strategic targeting and enough persistence the whole edifice comes crashing down.
Helga Zepp-Larouche- No warrior angel she! 

 JUSTICE FOR JEREMIAH welcomes people coming forward to tell the truth.
 Helga is described as saying that young people must be hit with the idea that the world is to  be destroyed by a thermal holocaust so that they will spend all their time working for her and raise money. Then the cult workers live in crowded conditions while the few chosen leaders enjoy horse riding and the luxury of comfortable flats and good food.  The cult workers work all hours for their Cult leaders and live off German State Funding. That means the German State is indirectly financing an international network that is a major source of anti-semitic and neofascist propaganda throughout the world. Also the German authorities refuse still to investigate new leads and information about the death of Jeremiah. Why? What are they afraid will be revealed?
Will the Political Enquiry into the scandal in Germany today about how the police have been dangerously involved with  Neo Nazi groups uncover more ? Why is the LaRouche youth movement not monitored in Germany?

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