Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Remembering Jeremiah's Birthday and still working for Justice.

On the 10th November 2011 we should be throwing a party to celebrate the 31st birthday of Jeremiah but instead we remember him with love and ask:

Why after eight years has there still not been Justice for Jeremiah? Is the reason fear, guilt and shame?

Fear from those that are unwilling to answer questions because they have secrets to hide. Guilt that in Germany with its history of mass murder and destructive propaganda against Jewish people more is done to cover up the existence of an international political cult that uses deception and intimidation and antisemitic conspiracy theories to poison the fabric of our Society than it does to prevent its growth.
Shame about protecting your own skins instead of speaking out about the dangers that you know.

There have been Court Hearings in the UK as the legal process of the Second British Inquest continues its work. This Court has a legal obligation to gather facts about the circumstances of the death and come to a verdict on how when and where Jeremiah died. The obligation to carry out a full nvestigation rests on the willingness of the police to carry out proper enquiries.
No matter how long it takes nothing can stop the Coroner who is a Judge getting the facts he needs to come to a verdict.

The most hurtful thing is that after 8 years there are still those people who were last with my son ( together with colleagues) who remain silent and this makes us ask what do they have to hide? Also instead of them demonstrating their respect for human rights - they spread lies about me - the mother - because what I ask is for an investigation and the more they refuse the more it reveals about the nature of their organization and how it uses destructive methods to protect themselves from accountability.

Beloved son - you may have been most deceived by those you thought were your friends but despite this there are more good people in the world - your true friends and supporters who continue to work selflessly for Justice for Jeremiah.

I can only thank my legal team ; Frances Swaine, Merry Varney, Jeremy Hymes, Serdar Kaya and Christian Knoll and the many translators, family, friends and helpers who for so many years work for you Jerry and though tears flow because you are not here to celebrate your birthday the day when the truth will be exposed is not far away.

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