Sunday 28 March 2010



On the 27th March 2010 it will be SEVEN YEARS since the death of Jeremiah.

On the 1st April Thursday at 9 pm Cutting Edge Documentary will be shown called LOST ABROAD.


Seven long years in which the Duggan family have tried to do the impossible – do the work of the police and find out what happened to their son. Legal action in Germany has floundered. There remains an unwillingness to uncover what really happened. Was Jeremiah subjected to a sustained mental or physical attack or both?

This film deals with two families quest to achieve Justice. We see examples of the inhumanity of the authorities that stand bye and do nothing. What is it like to be in a foreign state trying to get a proper police investigation? What family would not want to know who and what killed their child?

This film puts the anguish of having to seek Justice in a foreign land under the spotlight. We watch as family members try to piece together what happened. The film succeeds in presenting a very shocking indictment of how the German authorities hide behind the law, use time wasting techniques and accept the words of members of a known anti-Semitic political cult rather than the words of the family and friends.

The British Courts have already denied the German Court’s assumption that Jeremiah’s death was suicide and yet the German Prosecutor speaks as if they have no legal duty to establish the circumstances surrounding a death. What is far worse is how for seven years they refuse to investigate fully and now they turn round and say it is too late. There are no time limitations on Justice.

Jeremiah was a positive young man and whatever happened to destroy him happened in Germany.

This film lifts the lid on many questions and we are left thinking of a great deal more: Were the people involved in the circumstances of Jeremiah’s death acting as conspirators to protect the interests of a dangerous anti-Semitic anti- British political cult that works as an Intelligence? Is it possible that through their connections over the years those at the top have forged powerful connections to State Departments, the Intelligence and the Military? Is this fact or fantasy? Is it just another fraud given credence because they claim they have access to confidential documents and secrets? See the articles they publish in the Executive Intelligence Review.

The lies published about Jeremiah and about his mother show clearly that this is a cult that has to alienate its members from the world outside. Will we know why the Manageress of the Schiller Institute had Jeremiah’s blood stained passport which was not found with the body? We still await the decision of the British High Court as to when there will be a new inquest and that is when we will have a public enquiry. The Documentary makes a strong case for there to be a full investigation as the questions it raises demand answers.



  1. Shocking story and there should be answers. What are the Germans playing it. It is bloody clear something fishy happened. The LaRouche are a bunch of extremists as bad as al-Qaeda.

  2. Your story moved me to tears, I Can only hope and pray that you find the answers you seek. The Absolute best of Luck bringing these people to justice.