Tuesday, 26 January 2010



In the early hours of the morning in 2003 Jeremiah phoned us, frightened and begging to be rescued from danger and naming the LaRouche organization. I made a 999 call to the British police and asked for help. Meanwhile the German police decided it was suicide and closed investigations within the hour. Since then and almost seven years ago I have tried to get a full investigation. Now at last Baroness Scotland has offered her apologies for what she describes as administrative failures and has granted me the right to apply in the High Court for a fresh Inquest.
Why has it taken so long? What do I want to happen? What are the dangers for others?
In 2003 Dr Dolman held an inquest and discounted suicide . We welcomed this finding, mistakenly thinking that as the German authorities had closed the case saying it was suicide they would then have reason to investigate. Unknown to us THERE WERE EXCHANGES BETWEEN Dr Dolman AND the British Foreign Office (Documents released under Freedom of Information) in which Dr Dolman stated there were no issues that they need take up with the Germans. This meant both the British and the German authorities failed to grant our right to an investigations.

As a result I was forced to try to investigate the circumstances of my own son’s death. It has been shocking to find that in Germany there is an international Organization headed by a convicted Fraudster that continues to recruit and hold training schools for young people deceiving them with conspiracy theories that incite hatred against British and Jewish people. This organization is dangerous because they use sophisticated methods to mask, deceive and intimidate their followers. I still find it hard to accept that the German authorities who know about this political antisemitic cult foreclosed investigations into Jeremiah's death without any proper enquiry to examine the dangers.
Now I hope that we can get a High Court ruling which will ensure that there is a thorough and full investigation into the circumstances of the death of Jeremiah. This was our human right from March 2003

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  1. Erica please stay strong,Jeramiah deserves justice.My son is backpacking and if he was killed my last breath would be fighting for his justice,when you get down,please take comfort in knowing that every mother on earth is standing right beside you xxx